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27th October, 2021
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Launching on Dropspace
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Who is behind
Krypto Kalash?

Soldier turned Sculptor; London-based Bran Symondson uses AK47 as his medium, turning arguably the most dangerous weapon in the world into art. Bran sees these weapons as a blank canvas, transforming the weapon from fear and loathing to beauty and intrigue. The inspiration to take the most iconic and devastating weapon in the world and create artworks with them came from Symondson’s tour with the special forces in Afghanistan, where Afghan soldiers and the police would decorate their AK47s with flowers and stickers.

The acclaimed sculptor’s pieces have been bought and collected internationally from the renowned artist Jake Chapman through to Elton John and the Prince of Bahrain. To bring his collection into the digital age Symondson has been working on his new and most exciting creation to date KRYPTO KALASH. This one-off piece will be auctioned as an original artwork, print, and as a digital file, with the NFT certifying authenticity.



25% Minted

At 25% minted, randomly selected owners of Kalsh47 will receive a special custom framed print from Bran Symondson.


50% Minted

At 50% minted, we will donate $10,000 to BRAN CHOOSE A CHARITY.


75% Minted

At 75% minted, we will airdrop an exclusive 1 of 1 Kalsh47 to a random holder.


100% Minted

At 100% minted, we will make available for all Kalash47 holders a companion weapon piece. We will also auction a real life Bran Symondson designed original AK-47.


I'm quite new to NFTs. How do I mint a Kalash47 NFT?

The easiest way is to download Metamask (this is basically a decentralized wallet that holds your crypto and NFTs), and then you need to send Ethereum to your new Metamask wallet. After that, click the 'MINT' button on our partner website dropspace.art once we have launched.

How do I purchase a Kalash47?

A minting button will be available at dropspace.art on our section when we have launched.

How much does a Kalash47 cost to mint?

A haiku will cost 0.18 ETH to mint, not including gas fees which vary due to network congestion.

How many Kalash47 will be minted?

A total of 2047 Kalash47 will be minted.

How many can I mint?

5 Kalsh47 per transaction, and you can make unlimited transactions.

When is the Launch date?

The Launch date for public sale is October 27th at 6.00 PM EST, this is the exact time minting will become available on our partner mint website dropspace.art. Please join the Discord for all updates!

When will the Kalash47 be revealed?

The Kalash47 will be revealed shortly after public sale begins on October 27th. Make sure to join the Discord and follow on Twitter for the latest updates.

KALASH-47 will be launching on Dropspace. A premium platform for top-tier NFTs.
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