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Who is behind

Bran Symondson: Soldier turned Sculptor, A British artist who uses AK47's as his medium, turning arguably the most dangerous weapon in the world into art.

Bran served in Afghanistan for the UK Special Forces Reserves. In his webbing, he kept a G9 Canon which he used to capture the moments whilst on patrol.

When Bran returned to the UK, The Sunday Times commissioned him to go back to Afghanistan but this time, not as a soldier but as a photographer - it was on this trip Bran captured the incredible photography of the civilians and the Afghanistan national police.

Through his experience as a soldier and as a photographer, Bran was inspired to create artworks using AK47 as his blank canvas.

Here on the right, is a famous portrait Bran took of an Afghan National Policeman. They all decorated their AK47s with flowers and stickers, this is one of many photographs which inspired Bran's art and now it has leaked into the NFT world.


Bran wanted to create something that wasn't all digitally generated, he photographed each AK47 and their components, this includes the different scopes, magazines, and even the origami butterflies are created in Bran's studio and individually photographed.

From the photographs, Bran and Joby; our digital designer sat down together for weeks mapping each gun and the traits.

Each NFT is different, whether if it's the background, a butterfly, or a laser coming out of the barrel.

Half of the collection is Bran's physical AK47 artworks - these 360* real AK47 pieces can be viewed in art galleries around the world, Bran wanted to bring quality and emotion to the NFT world and he wants the NFT owner to feel proud and relate to the ethos of this collection.

The narrative of this collection is about spreading awareness of climate change, the decline of bees, world conflicts, and protecting nature. Bran has also incorporated what inspires him and his role models such as Bruce Lee onto some of the classic AKs, he wanted his personality to sit within this NFT collection.

After half a year of planning, Bran can finally present his first NFT collection to the world. Welcome to Kalash47





I'm quite new to NFTs. How do I mint a Kalash47 NFT?

The easiest way is to download Metamask (this is basically a decentralized wallet that holds your crypto and NFTs), and then you need to send Ethereum to your new Metamask wallet. After that, click the 'MINT' button on our partner website dropspace.art once we have launched.

How do I purchase a Kalash47?

A minting button will be available at dropspace.art on our section when we have launched.

How much does a Kalash47 cost to mint?

A haiku will cost 0 (TBA) to mint, not including gas fees which vary due to network congestion.

How many Kalash47 will be minted?

A total of 1000 Kalash47 will be minted and 47 will be reserved.

How many can I mint?

3 Kalsh47 per transaction, and you can make unlimited transactions.

When will the Kalash47 be revealed?

The Kalash47 will be revealed shortly after public sale begins on the announced date. Make sure to join the Discord and follow on Twitter for the latest updates.


Project Management:
Saturn London
Founder & Creator:
Bran Symondson
Digital Designer:
Joby Barrett
Administrator: Jason B
Partner: Dropspace
KALASH-47 will be launching on Dropspace. A premium platform for top-tier NFTs.
A DeFi Network project